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Josh is a coach who specializes in helping men transform their lives by revealing a practical path to overcoming the pain, shame, and fear hindering them from experiencing a life of freedom and love.  

He is being mentored by Bethel Church’s Pastoral Care Overseer, Jason Vallotton and is in college studying Psychology. 



"Meeting with Josh has truly changed my life.  No one ever taught me how to engage with my heart, process my emotions, nor revealed to me how how important my emotions are before. Meeting with Josh over the past year and a half has truly changed my life, my marriage, and my family."

"Ever since I started meeting with Josh, my level of connection with my heart and emotions has dramatically changed.

I'm being real with the God and myself for the first time in years, and it's lead me to feeling more connected with myself than I ever have. This has put me on a path where going after porn no longer feels fulfilling.  I use to try and get my fill from it but now I feel like I am facing the pains my heart has been trying to get me to look at.

This is really just the beginning of everything that has changed for me.“