Inner Crags

Looking down, I begin watching my steps
in an attempt to distract myself
from the surging crags ahead.
Their sharp edges pierce into me, 
and it's peaks- into the blue sky above.
The crags are a constant reminder of how far I still have to go.

Instead of staring back,
I amuse myself with the breaking pines and
The fallen leaves crumbling beneath my feet;
Listening to the dirt crunch with every step.

Soon, I remind myself, the pain will end.
And soon I'll be standing upon
The granite peaks in the distance.
Standing over everything I doubt,
Over everything I question-
Atop a mountain of everything I once hid from-

Breathing is easier now.

So I climb onward
To clarity,
To higher places-
Venturing toward the looming crags ahead,
Climbing upon my mountains