I feel alone,
lost among the stars,
as nothing.
In the silence,
I feel forgotten.

I try to shake the darkness around me,
but my sense of worth has vanished
like a star swallowed up by day.
I can’t escape my fears
like I can’t escape who I’ve become.

All feels empty,
all feels lost
but who can hear me, who can hear me?
Lost in the depths

My heart cries out to the one who made me,
To the only one who can sustain these dreams.
Every week I throw myself into the darkness,
and wonder what I've done.

At least my heart is still breathing-
For now.
Though, I can feel it it fading

This was once a dream...

Will you part the waters and
Raise me with sun,
all goes to black;
and please,
will you
bring back the light within me.