Thank You.

Over the years I’ve always wondered why I could never bring myself to photograph weddings and senior pictures again.  Though I enjoyed it in high school and was quite successful at it; photographing events and people has never been what I favored. I’ve since realize that the focus was always on capturing and helping tell the stories of others.  And although that’s great, I felt it stifled my creativity and I knew deep down that I could produce better art.  For I found in helping tell the stories of others, that my soul ached to tell a story of it’s own. 

Over the years I’ve followed and looked up to many great, well known photographers. And I’ve noticed a trend: the good photographers help tell other peoples stories, but the great ones tell their own. 

And as an artist I don’t want to be good, I want to be great. 

Not for selfish reasons, I simply know that I would love to make a living doing what I love and that returning to where I started with photography would be a step backwards. I can’t settle knowing there’s more in me left to give and create.  So once again, I'm chasing tenaciously after the art I know hides within me, and I'm looking forward to sharing what I've been working on in the weeks to come.

But without everyone who follows and supports me, I know my creative chase would be in vain. So I wanted to take a moment to thank all of you who enjoy my art, books, photography, and blog, and those who have followed me on this journey so far. It means more to me than you’ll ever know and I appreciate every comment, like, and email of encouragement you've sent my way.

Thank you.