Winter Dreams

You feel it coming with the new morning darkness:

summer is ending,

summer friends are fading,

and the dreams neglected under the sun

are awakening.


They rise and run through the fresh, cool air,

They fall with the altering leaves-

our souls and dreams,

as they step from their graves

into the rhythm of a new season.


With the wind, the Spirit is stirring,

and winter is coming,

but the present human spirit is anything but cold.

If anything it's aflame with vision-

like a flooded night sky,

ablaze with stars and hope.


Winter's purpose is clear:

it's time again for man to dream.


To the one looking for a sign,

and the one quietly waiting for their chance:

These are the days you've been awaiting.

These are the days you dreamed would come.

These are the days you'll look back on when everything changed. 


If you too, sense in the night

your day soon approaching-

let this be your sign:

The times burn with destiny.

You'll see it first in the leaves.


With those who are willing,

the Spirit is ready to move.