How many miles will you run today?

Did you know that the human brain is hardwired to find the path of least resistance?

When you wake up in the morning and have your first sense of hunger, when your boss asks you how your current project is going at work, when you feel misunderstood by someone close to you- throughout every second of the day, your brain is focused on one thing: 


With survival is at the forefront, every time we're faced with a choice our brain will subconsciously look for the path of least physical, mental, and emotional resistance.

What often happens then is we choose the easier meal to prepare rather than cooking the healthier, more complicated meal.

We run 3 miles instead of 5 miles like we planned.

We ignore our heart rather than paying attention to our anxiety building up throughout our day.

It doesn't matter what factor of life you analyze, whether you're pondering spending some alone time with God or how long you want to run after you get off work this afternoon, your brain is going to push you to take the shortcut so that it can avoid as much pain, discomfort, and difficulty as possible.  

But luckily your brain isn’t in control of your decisions, success, or growth, you are.

Therefore, the choice is yours:

How many miles will you run today?