Wounds that linger like ghosts

Emotional wounds don't always originate from something negative that happens.

Sometimes wounds are the result of something good that should have happened but didn't.

For example, if a Father consistently degrades his child, it holds the same potential to bring harm as repeatedly failing to tell his child that he loves him.

In the latter scenario, it is not what he did that creates a wound, but what he didn’t do.

Therefore a question we all must ask is: was there anything that I needed emotionally when I was young that I did not receive?

For the absence of love creates wounds and pains that follow us like ghosts into adulthood.

When this form of pain exists, in order to heal, we must have the bravery to reawaken our wounds and reconnect with our pain that formed in childhood, discover specifically what we emotionally needed at the time of their formation, and allow God’s love in to fill the cracks that formed as a result of the love we never received.

Yes, it's egregious, intimidating, and dreadfully painful work.

But a moment of suffering is always worth a lifetime of freedom.