The science behind the question, “How does your heart feel?”

The human heart is able to do far more than pump blood. 

Science shows that the human heart is also made up of a second brain composed of 40,000 neurons. And these neurons physically make up what doctors call the "heart-brain”, which is a second brain that is able to sense, learn, memorize, and feel apart from the brain in our head.

It collects information.
It processes thoughts.
It holds memories and emotions and makes decisions and...

It even talks to you through thoughts.

So if you ever feel like your physical heart is sad, in pain, angry, or anxious, OR that it's in misalignment or hindering your brain functionality, it's scientifically possible that it is.

So the questions of "do you feel connected to your heart?" or "how does your heart feel emotionally?" isn’t just a therapeutic question, it's scientific too.