What are emotions for?

Here is a list of things you can do without acknowledging any of your emotions:
- Lead a large group, company, church, or practice and have influence
- Work endless hours at work
- Be admired and highly praised by others
- Possess an exorbitant amount of intelligence, intellect, and IQ
- Be efficient and exceptionally productive
- Embody impeccable discipline
- Become an expert at a craft or skill
- Make an immense amount of money
- Build a thriving business or organization

Here is a list of things that you won't be able to have without any connection with your emotions:
- An intimate, fulfilling marriage with your best friend and lover
- An unbreakable bond of friendship and comradery with other men 
- A vibrant, passionate connection with your spirit, mind, and soul
- Kids who emotionally trust you
- Peace
- Joy
- Possessing unconditional love for yourself and others
- An awareness of God's presence that is alive and richly flowing within you

It's worth remembering that when we neglect our emotions, we also neglect everything on this second list.

But, thankfully, there is another way.