Making Refrigerator Art

Remember when you were 4 years old and you would grab your mustard yellow and forest green Crayola box of wax crayons and lose yourself sitting at the kitchen table drawing pictures of your favorite animals, people, and places?

And the feeling you had when you were finished and you would run to your mom excited to share your completed piece with her.

And the smile that would come across your faces and the praise you would receive as the magnet snapped to the fridge holding up your new masterpiece?

This desire...

The desire to create, to share an insight or special observation about the world, to say as Duane Prebble says, "Look, I did it. I made this. This is what I see and feel. This art is me.”

This cry is still in there.  

It's still in you, longing to come out, somewhere.

Whether you’re a welder, a cook, operations director, or whatever it is you put your hands to in your job, remember that there’s a little boy or girl inside longing to put his or her heart into the work of his hands.  It matters not what the craft is.

You can be a professional and still play.

You can be a boss and still create with the heart of a child.

Art is all about how you see, your unique perspective, what you notice that no one else does.

And it’s an irrevocable part to becoming whole....

Thus, today... what will you make for us?