Carpenters, baristas, and man's search for meaning

Where do we go, as men, in our search for self-value and meaning? 

Many take this void and stand behind a pulpit and the label of a pastor, thinking that the title and the valuable work of "leading men to Christ" will be his answer to finding meaning and becoming admirable.  Another picks up a trade in manual labor, only to find that his workplace holds the same absence of male affirmation and camaraderie that he lacked in his youth, leaving him once again with nothing but more emptiness and shame.  

For another, he chooses the work, or art, of being a Barista.  He thinks he is escaping the rat race in his pursuit of art and craft, but alas, this too is a vanity with time, for what man can raise a family serving coffee if he does not take up the responsibility of owning the shop?

From the boardrooms to the numb father's writing unending code in their cubicles, to the jealous and enraged dad's yelling from the football stands at their son's efforts, men are searching across every aspect of society.

It is evident that there are few greater issues facing our country than the absence of male presence and fierce, pure masculine leadership.  

But what should we do? 

Mans search is about filling the void for male initiation, presence, and affirmation in our society, and it would be easy to lose hope looking around us.

But they don’t know your story. 

You are proof that there are men who are walking into the darkness of their soul, pursuing meaning, walking with wounds exposed among other men, facing the demons of their fathers, and taking action with soul.

We know the way up is down....  Down into the darkness of our being. And that the further down we go, together, the more meaning we find.