Bob Lefsetz - This is it

I don’t agree with all of it, but it moved me.

It forced me to think about things I want to avoid and lends answers to questions that everyone in today’s world is pondering...

Enjoy this unique piece by one of my favorite writers and podcasters in the music industry, Bob Lefzetz, called “This is it.”

It's the best thing you’ll read on the internet today.

This specific quote really stuck with me and spurred my thinking:

And you think your life is in front of you before it's suddenly behind. Your parents die and then friends die and then you realize it's you next. All the things you were gonna do, the places you were gonna go, it's too late, time's up.

But you don't know all this until it's too late. You're drifting, and then you're hanging on for dear life.

Some people will tell you the truth, but you don't listen, you only realize their wisdom in hindsight.

Like your health is everything... Meaningless when you're in your twenties, everything when you're over fifty.”