Building momentum

Do you ever have habits or routines that you look back on and miss? Like a time when you gained strength and newfound energy on a diet, or when you went out to grab lunch with a close friend consistently every Tuesday, or a time when you could spend an hour alone with God every day?

Have you ever tried to recreate the routine at a later time, but to no avail?

Regaining momentum is quite the burdensome task.

The reason is that momentum is the result of consistent movement. And oftentimes when we envision an old achievement, we fail to see the consistent movement and work (momentum) required to sustain and accomplish it.

So the next time you want to restart or try something new, remember:

It's easier to create momentum for a pebble than it is a boulder.

It's easier to find the grace and strength needed for your pain today than it is to find the grace and strength that will be needed for tomorrow. 

It's easier to write for 15 minutes a day than it is to find the motivation to write an entire book.

So the next time you want to create momentum, start small. And when something begins to work in your life, learn to fight for it and protect it.

And only then build on it.

As the famous saying goes, "Rome wasn't built in a day."

The same will go for your dreams.

For momentum, even in small doses, is a catalyst for building and sustaining a life of purpose, fulfillment, and accomplished dreams.