"Dare to Fly Free"

                             “Waste time repeating the same routine, 
                               Pleasing comfortability. 
                               Eliminate the fears by living without hope
                               and choosing complacency- or,
                               dare to fly free.”



    At the end of every day, complacency is always there promising me an escape; prompting me to settle, to go complacent, and give up so I won’t have to deal with the fear, self-doubt, and confusion any more.    

    Sometimes escaping fear really is as easy as choosing to live complacent...

    Every day I choose to pursue my dreams despite the vanity, self-doubt, and confusion I have within.  There is yet to be a day that goes by where I don’t hear the faint whisper in the back of my head promising freedom, tempting me to live complacent; enticing me with the facade that if I choose to follow complacency and compromise, the fears, self doubt, and confusion will all up and leave. 

Every day is a battle to fly free.