On this alpine lakeside, my mind still doeth wonder
As I sit below the grand peaks a’yonder,
Asking myself and reasoning why
Time in moments like this insist’s on passing by.

Listen oh, my soul, awake my being.
Grasp this moment before its leaving.



Peer upon the grandeurs of heaven,
Dancing upon the evening lake’s reflection.
Fill me with the silence of the shores,
The ways in which the wild endures.

See me rise with the evergreens,
Refusing to be undone,
Constant, yet changing,
Like the ever setting sun.



As the trees emerge in silhouetted fashion,
The evening light enlivens my inner satisfaction-
A privilege it is to see such splendor,
The majesty & manor in which these woods render.

I listen to the whisper of the woods
And hear a voice few seldom seek;
One only heard in the reception of a cool evenings mystique.
A warm, clean subtleness falls upon my bone,
The stillness, in knowing- I’ve found my way home.



-A few poems & pictures from my recent trip to Lassen Volcanic Park-

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