Journeys Within Update #2

Man, it’s a crazy feeling holding a copy of your own book in your hands... It’s surprisingly heavy. Not so much the book, though, but the moment, the words. It feels like you’re holding a part of your own soul in your hands. It feels like finished dreams.

I can’t express how relieving it is being done, and to see that it's everything I envisioned it would be and more. That I can read through the pages and still feel as if all the work, hours, and late nights that I put into this were worth it; to know there’s nothing left I can give... and that I can genuinely say it’s the best work I can produce, art I can create, and art I believe in.

I’m excited to share this one.

The book is set to be launched on March 23rd and pre-orders are available today on my website @ I’m waiting for the first shipment of books to come in now, and if they arrive earlier than they’re projected to (which I think they will) I’ll send the pre-orders out as soon as they arrive.

(…..oh man. this is getting real. and a bit terrifying. here we go…)