Journeys Within Update #1

Finally, the editing process of Journeys Within is finished, the final proof copy has been ordered, and the book will (hopefully) be completely finished and available sometime within the next three to four weeks... I can’t wait to share this book with you all.

If my last book was for the dreamer waiting for his chance and the son waiting on his promise… I would say this one is for those seeking a fight, who long to feel untamed and tested, are hungry to grow, and aren’t afraid to chase after the person they were made to be. For anyone to reach their potential, I believe they need a journey. And every meaningful journey requires a wilderness- something to test yourself up against, with pains, trials, darkness, and failures to overcome and push through. It's the cost you pay to grow & learn- to live out who you are. It doesn’t come free and it can’t come easy.

My hope is that this book will help lead other people who too, are on their own journeys, the way it did for me. And that along the way it would it unsettle, test, and inspire you as you chase after the person you were created to be.