Enjoying being you

If you decide to take a break for a week from Instagram, un-follow every business and "influencer" account on the application, unsubscribe from every retail email in your inbox, stopped going on Amazon, and avoided shopping online for a week- you would be amazed at the end of the week how much your thirst for "more" things and belongings decreases.

The trap of Instagram (and a lot of marketing tactics and social media) is that it relentlessly reminds you of who you could be instead of reminding you to embrace who you are.

It leads our attention from what we have to what we don't have.

And our mind towards what we could be doing, rather than on enjoying the life we have.

So, in this week of Thanksgiving, here's a quick reminder amidst the flood of information that will come to you throughout this week on your phone and TV screens, that you are more than you might see of yourself, you are stronger than you feel, you are doing way better in life than you likely sense at this moment, and you are incredibly more blessed than you could imagine with the belongings you own, the friends you know, and the family you have.

Enjoy being you for this week.