Jesus' only step by step instructions

Knowing the truth is extremely different from knowing the right answers in every situation and having the right "godly" thoughts at all times.

We know that God loves us, but we certainly don’t always feel like it. And we know that God is proud of us, yet we still feel like a failure at times.

So understanding and right thinking isn't all we need to change. How then does God and the truth change from a thought and idea into something real? Something we can feel and experience? Something that will transform us when we feel lost and hurt?

The tension lies in the reality that you can’t remove the fact that if this truly is a relationship between you and God, there’s a responsibility on his end to show up in your relationship with him.

Our struggle though is that he never gave us a clear step-by-step list of instructions for how exactly to find him when we're lost and at our end.

All God ever promised was that if we search....we will find him.

Apparently, this is all we need to know. And it’s the most practical, clear, and strategic advice that we could receive when we're at our end.

If you search, you will find me.

...But what does that even look like?

Great question.

There’s only one way to find out.

You search.