Some things are dangerous to forget

Why is it that we don’t treat ourselves to the same degree that we want others to treat us?

Why is it that when we recognize that voice inside our head that starts to put us down, judge, critique, and condemn us, we don’t stand up for ourselves like we would if one our best friends was being belittled and threatened?

Well... try to next time.

When you recognize him speaking, step forward, look him in the eyes, and say no, I’m done taking this. And if you need something to hold onto while you say it, stand up and point at all the proud things that you’ve accomplished in your lifetime, over all the how effort you’ve put in to become who you are, and at all the pain you’ve overcome.....

You’ll likely catch him by surprise.

And yourself.

You’re stronger than you think. 

(We almost always are... 
We sadly just don’t hear it enough. 
But there you go.

Be wary not to forget it.)

You’re far stronger than you give yourself credit for.