The beauty in breaking

Out of grapes comes wine.

From the dirt grows a forest.

Out of the darkness shines the stars.

All throughout nature, there is beauty in what’s broken, dirty, and dark. Everywhere you look, something dies and something new rises. Something breaks and something new takes form.

The human soul is no exception.

Even though much of our society is focused on avoiding the possibility of pain and protecting ourselves from darkness- guarded and hiding is not how we were made to live.

In a non-sadistic sense, there is something that we need in brokenness.

Because breaking is a part of being human, and breaking is a part of how we heal.

So should brokenness be pursued?...
And should brokenness be avoided?...


Brokenness is something that we must learn to accept, find compassion for, and face as it comes.

For pain is a part of life for man, just as darkness is a necessary part of the night sky for the shining stars.

In order for the stars to be seen, there must be darkness.

In order for man to be saved, he must first be lost.

If there is no wound in our spirit, what does God have to heal and comfort?

Thus, no one is exempt from brokenness because no one is without the need of being saved and healed, but equally, no one was meant to live and stay lost and broken.

For brokenness is not an identity nor is it a destiny, but it is an inescapable part of living and healing.