2019's Emotional Health Goals

As I reflect on 2018 and who I was at the beginning of last January, I would say that the greatest change that I see in myself is that I'm significantly more kind to myself than I've ever been.

In fact, focusing my attention on extending self-compassion toward myself worked so well that I'm focusing my entire 2019 on it again.  My chips are all in on this.  I've seen what it can do in me, how much freedom it's brought me, what it's done for you, my clients, my friends, and I'm hearing what it's doing for other mental health professionals too.

So, I'm looking forward to focusing on this more and trying to find more readings and studies on the topic.  I'll be sure to share them on here as I find them.

With that being said, my five emotional health goals/themes for 2019 are...

1) To be more kind to myself than I've ever been in times of failure, imperfection, weakness, and shame.

2) To continue to hang out one-on-one with a close friend at least once a week, if not more.  I've come to know I need this.  Life's just not as full without intentional time with friends.

3) To continue blocking out two hours every Saturday or Sunday morning to sit in silence, ponder life, ask questions, read, write, and pray.  

I've been doing this one for years.  It's one of my favorite times of the week.

4) Be more patient.

I'm regularly asking this question to myself as a reminder, "why the rush?"  

I want to further meditate on the belief this year that happiness doesn't come from doing and having more; happiness comes from within.

5) To be more present. 

This year I want to enjoy the moment, take in my emotions more deeply, enjoy this time in my life, the friends I have, the journey I'm on, and soak in the rest of my first year of marriage.

We will only get this year, 2019, once.  After the next twelve months are over, this year is gone forever.

So... let's dig in, invest wisely, make the most of our time, and live this year to fullest.

I would love to hear, what are your emotional health goals for 2019?