Should you believe in your dreams?

Maybe not all of them.

It's important to ask ourselves why exactly are we dreaming?

The motive behind our hopes and dreams can be hidden and more misleading than we often give them credit for.  For example, it’s easy to dream or fantasize when we're lacking self-worth or feeling insignificant, to dream in such a way that our dreams will "save us" from our circumstances and self-limiting beliefs.

Dreams, however, are not meant to be our escape, our savior, or a means to an end for finding internal peace and fulfillment, dreams are meant to be an act of creativity and generosity that flows out of the gift of who we are.

We form our dreams out of what we already have, out of who God made us to be, and what is distinct about our being.

So perhaps the question is not what would you do with your life if money was not a problem? Perhaps the question is what gift would you give to the world from the overflow of who you are if you already had all the praise, attention, wealth, and significance that you desired?

What interesting problem would you help solve in the world?  Where would you contribute and lead? What would you create for us?

From this place alone do I believe dreams flow, and from here and here alone do we live out fully who God made us to be.