Combating Shame

You can do 9 things right and 1 thing wrong, and shame is so powerful that it's able to take one mistake and, somehow, make you believe you’re a failure.

It only needs 1 bad decision to override 9 good ones.

Its narrative is quick, sharp, and convincing.

For such reasons, it's important to form your own set of truths that are non-negotiable and predetermined so that you can pull them into your consciousness as quickly as you're triggered.

It begs the question: what are your truths about yourself that are premeditated, non-negotiable, and at the ready to be pulled out in a moments notice?

Here is a couple of examples of beliefs to draw from amidst the heavy pulls of shame:

You are stronger than you feel. 

You are doing a better job than you realize. 

You are more loved than you know.