Transforming & renewing your mind

It’s easy to become irritated and to feel ashamed for the unwanted thoughts that run through our minds on a daily basis.

Especially when we’ve been influenced by our religion to protect ourselves from such “dark” thoughts and feelings.  Many of us were even taught that growth, freedom, and transformation comes by ridding ourselves of these kind thoughts and feelings.   After all, Paul even said in Romans that transformation comes by the renewing of the mind...  

But unbeknownst to many, when Paul talked about transforming ourselves in Romans, he wasn’t just talking about changing what thoughts go through our head.  For one, most of our thoughts are formed by forces we’re hardly even aware of, memories we don’t even remember, and the random, often uncontrollable, circumstantial stimulus around us on a daily basis.  So transformation is not brought about by mental power nor force, instead, it is rather a masterpiece formed by a string of acts, sometimes across decades, of soul work that echoes from the depths of a man's soul.

For to truly renew your mind, you must go far beyond your rational ways of thinking by making space to search and listen to what is hiding behind the fog of your imagination, dig up old memories, listen to your dreams, face your shadows, look at the parts of yourself that are uncomfortable and perplexing, and seek to see yourself more clearly as you bravely face what terrifies you.

As time goes on, you will find more self-clarity and insight than you ever thought possible, and you will realize the importance of inviting Love in to reshape everything that you find within you. This includes bringing God into your nightmares and traumas. Your memories and shames. Your perceived truths. Everything must be let go of, all the way down to the very framework that holds your entire world together.

This is why the renewing of the mind is an extensive and exhaustive journey, for to truly change and be reborn, no part of ones body, spirit, soul, or mind can be left behind... It will cost us all that we psychologically fear letting go of, for to search for a new truth requires the laying down of an old one as we explore other alternatives. Yes, even the false beliefs that have protected and brought us comfort must too must be cast aside... for a time, you will feel exposed, naked, and unprotected, but this is a necessary process, the dying to live, as Jesus spoke of.

And what other choice do we have? To stay living in shrouded darkness amidst a bed of lies, shielded from pain and danger, fragmented from our own souls, distant from the truth, and to live as a foreigner of love? 

This is what most do....

But it’s not living.  Nor is it free.

You know you were made for more. That you were made to be fierce and dangerous. To face the darkness and charge mountains. 

You were made for to transform and push toward all that you can become.

This is your invitation.

This is your path to heaven.