God & the ego

In the absence of strong, present parental care throughout our childhood, a false caregiver and provider forms in our subconscious mind as a stand-in "guide" and protector. This “caregiver” is what jumps out when we’re triggered and want attention in a group of people and we do something unnecessary for attention, or when were triggered in anger because we feel hurt and we do something we regret, or when we avoid our difficult thoughts and uncomfortable emotions through mindless activities to escape. This subconscious personality is the false self, or what Freud called, the ego. The beauty, however, is that as this superficial protector develops and the ego expands, a space also forms for God to step in and join us there.

We may think that self-work and self-exploration is all about ourselves, but truthfully, it's not. Its intention is to bring us back to him, to a relationship, to intimacy and wholeness.

Therefore, when you go into the depths of yourself...

Do you let him in? Do you take him down there with you?