Grieving and The National

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When we're in distress, sometimes there is nothing we can do apart from sitting in our tears as we wait for dawn, as we wait for our restlessness and the darkness to pass, as we walk the road ahead and process our suffering.

I think these lyrics by the National express what it's like to grieve well:

"But I'm learning to lie here in the quiet light
While I watch the sky go from black to grey
Learning how not to die, inside a little every time...

Learning how not to cry every time there's another sad unbearable morning
But sometimes there's nothing I can do"

To some extent, as he put in these lines, we all must learn how to be ok in our pain.

The word “be”, as it’s used in the context of this song, is an interesting word to understand, and an even harder one to practice.

After all, how does one "be" ok if being is not an action?

Nor is it pushing through or finding a shorter way around.

Being is pausing to take a slow breath amidst our everyday hurts, temptations, and anxiety to remember:

We’re doing ok.

"Being" and remaining grounded and connected to God's presence in our Spirit is what we are after, for in it lies all the healing, sobriety, and serenity we could ever seek.