What is growth?


Growth is a specific space.

It's the spiritual and mental place within you where you can look safely at who you are when you are what you most fear, when you are what you least understand, when you are what you most resent. It’s standing in the presence of unconditional self-approval.

Growth is acceptance.

It's welcoming, with open arms, yourself in all of your messiness and imperfections, you in all of your mystery, your perplexity, your overwhelming, distant, dark, and confusing feelings, you as you are, wherever you are at all times.

Growth is being present to the moment.

It's being mindful and compassionate toward whatever comes up inside you, whenever it comes up. Such as when you feel overwhelmed at the worst times, or when your tears want to flow when you least wish they wouldn't. Presence is about being aware of yourself and the present moment despite whatever arises.

Growth is self-expression.

It's throwing your spirit across the canvas of your imagination to observe what lies in the depths of your soul.

Growth is work.

It's the continuation of showing up and exploring the parts of your self that you avoid and ignore, and facing that which you most resist, yet need.

Growth is you, expressed fully and freely, as you move toward your potential.

Photo by Eddi Aguirre on Unsplash