6 months of change, growth, and seeing differently

Take a look back at a summary of our first 180 days on this blog and newsletter, and catch up on what I believe are the 12 most important things that we've learned since the beginning of January:

1) The power that resides in half a second of self-awareness.

2) Why trauma isn’t what happens to you, it’s what happens inside you.

3) Why boredom is so uncomfortable and painful.

4) What it means when you’re triggered or tempted to compulsively do something that you will regret.

5) Why the absence of love during our childhood leaves wounds and pains that follow us into adulthood.

6) How routines build up and break us into the life we dream.

7) Why it is that when pain is all you feel, pain becomes your world.

8) What it means to have empathy for yourself.

9) Why our brain subconsciously avoids pain, fear, complex problems, and chooses to seek the easy route without our intentional intervention.

11) The difference between being compulsive and self-aware.

12) What the voice of shame sounds like.